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[epub] Re: Trademark violation
At 21:31 28/05/2004, Lois Carter Fay wrote:

What did you decide to do? I never saw your final resolution. I would
definitely NOT remove Kendall's information. Owning a website URL is not the
same as owning a trademark. The person or persons who are running SRHaden do
not know what they are talking about. Personally, if I was Kendall, I'd
think about suing them for slander and copyright violation since she has
been using the name for much longer than they have.

So far - nothing! I've left Kendall's article, and emailed her, but had no reply. I've heard nothing else from Haden - I rather think it's either a scam, or some sort of feud with Kendall. It seems odd that they contact me on a legal matter, and when I ask for details, they refer me to their legal dept! Wouldn't a company with a legal dept have sent the email from that dept?

I'll let you know if I hear more - thanks for all the replies on this one.

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