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[epub] Re: What system do you use?
Autoresponders aren't really the solution as many of them are blocked by ISPs so really don't reach the intended destinations as they are flagged due to the way they send bulk mail.
Lyris is an option but you really need to have a lot of money coming in just to cover the costs of mailing if you're with a lyris host... either that or you need an awful lot of money to purchase a license, put the software on the server and keep it running.
If you do it 'in house' you need a seperate server for mailing so that it doesn't impare website performance. Another problem is that web hosts are terrified of spam accusations and blocks of IPs being blocked so most of them won't risk hosting mailing lists however much you can proove that it's double opt-in and that you can provide them with IPs and date stamps etc... and those that do allow it charge through the roof.
Lots of publishers have these problems... all we want is a cheap solution to sending mail that actually gets the mail delivered. Yahoogroups and Topica are obvious picks but you have two problems... first they have ads. If you don't mind ads it's a good place to start a list... however they won't let you import an existing list so you'd have to start from scratch and hope all your existing subscribers sign up to the new system.
I'm fortunate in that I use a custom written script and have a good relationship with both my own web host and other ISPs... meaning effectively that the service I use is 'white listed'. If anyone is interested in trying the service out it's $5/gig of outbound mail with a minimum monthly charge of $10... it's all ad free and we handle all subs/unsubs and bounces.

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