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[epub] Apology for the Aussie Spammer
Many of you may have received unsusbcription confirmations in the last week.... and some of you were even removed from this list without your consent or ours.

We traced them all back to one spamming guy named Leni or Len from Australia. He's been removed from all of the lists, banned, and we've also done a lite sweep of the archives to make sure your failsafe unsubscription unique ID's weren't in the archives (to prevent a spammer from text extracting them).

Normally, I don't like to turn unsubscribe confirmations on as it's my belief that you should not have to ask twice to get off a list at any time -- but in this case, I had received dozens of complaints by list members who were removed without their consent.

If this all blows over by August, I'll turn the confirmations off for unsub requests, but will leave the GOODBYE message on so that you get a *bye* letter after you leave (just in case you were removed by someone else against your wishes).

For now, just delete any unsub confirmations from the EPUB list that you didn't request, but I would encourage you not to label or tag them as SPAM so that you don't accidentally filter out important EPUB emails for the future.

Thanks for being a part of this long-running EPUB community. :-)

Cheers, Christopher Knight Network

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