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[epub] Re: Apology for the Aussie Spammer
I was wondering what was going on...I kept re-subscribing myself
only to keep getting unsubscribe messages over and over. Thanks
for clearing up the mystery.


----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Christopher Knight" <chris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: "Epub Discussion Group" <epub@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Wednesday, July 14, 2004 2:46 PM
Subject: [epub] Apology for the Aussie Spammer

> Many of you may have received unsusbcription confirmations in
the last
> week.... and some of you were even removed from this list
without your
> consent or ours.
> We traced them all back to one spamming guy named Leni or Len
> Australia. He's been removed from all of the lists, banned, and
we've also
> done a lite sweep of the archives to make sure your failsafe
> unique ID's weren't in the archives (to prevent a spammer from
> extracting them).
> Normally, I don't like to turn unsubscribe confirmations on as
it's my
> belief that you should not have to ask twice to get off a list
at any time
> -- but in this case, I had received dozens of complaints by
list members
> who were removed without their consent.
> If this all blows over by August, I'll turn the confirmations
off for unsub
> requests, but will leave the GOODBYE message on so that you get
a *bye*
> letter after you leave (just in case you were removed by
someone else
> against your wishes).
> For now, just delete any unsub confirmations from the EPUB list
that you
> didn't request, but I would encourage you not to label or tag
them as SPAM
> so that you don't accidentally filter out important EPUB emails
for the future.
> Thanks for being a part of this long-running EPUB community.
> Cheers,
> Christopher Knight
> Network

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