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[epub] ranking in google
Dear all,

About 2 months ago, I built a new site which is:

I used a service called Site Built It! to build, optimize and
submit the site to search engines.  Having checked my site's
progress with the engines, this is the result I got for my index

Search Engine Date Submitted Date Spidered Date Listed 
Google 2004/07/09 2004/07/22 2004/09/10 
FAST N/A 2004/08/13 2004/09/10 
Inktomi 2004/07/09 Not Yet Not Yet 
Jeeves/Teoma N/A Not Yet 2004/09/10 
AltaVista N/A 2004/08/12 2004/09/10 
MSN 2004/07/09 Not Yet Not Yet 

As you can see, my index page was listed by Google on 10 Sep, but
the ranking for this page is very bad.  I couldn't find it within
the first 100 search results using the key word which the page was

Does anybody have their site listed in google already and is
enjoying good ranking?  I would like to hear your experience and

Thank you in advance.

Best Regards,
Valerie Tay

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