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[epub] Re: ranking in google
Hello Valerie,
I think the problem is that the keyword phrase, "Disney vacations" is very popular. Using SiteBuildIt's Brainstorm feature, I
see a large demand (187,000 searches) but also a large supply of web sites with that keyword phrase (149,000 web sites).
Consequently, it will be very hard for you to break into the "top 10" on Google with such stiff competition.
I'd suggest reviewing Dr. Evoy's "Make Your Content Presell" guide to SBI with particular regard to selecting your niche and
corresponding keywords. In your case, you'll probably have more success with a subgroup of people searching for info on Disney
vacations, e.g., Canadians or persons with disabilities or gay & lesbian vacationers, etc.
Best of luck with your site,
Dr. Mark Worthen
USANA Health Sciences
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1905 Charlotte Drive
Charlotte, NC 28203
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Mobile: 704-301-3798
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At 10:32 AM 9/12/2004  Sunday, you wrote:
Dear all,

About 2 months ago, I built a new site which is:

I used a service called Site Built It! to build, optimize and
submit the site to search engines.  Having checked my site's
progress with the engines, this is the result I got for my index

Search Engine Date Submitted Date Spidered Date Listed
Google 2004/07/09 2004/07/22 2004/09/10
FAST N/A 2004/08/13 2004/09/10
Inktomi 2004/07/09 Not Yet Not Yet
Jeeves/Teoma N/A Not Yet 2004/09/10
AltaVista N/A 2004/08/12 2004/09/10
MSN 2004/07/09 Not Yet Not Yet

As you can see, my index page was listed by Google on 10 Sep, but
the ranking for this page is very bad.  I couldn't find it within
the first 100 search results using the key word which the page was

Does anybody have their site listed in google already and is
enjoying good ranking?  I would like to hear your experience and

Thank you in advance.

Best Regards,
Valerie Tay

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