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[epub] For The Record, Will Microsoft Own Email?
Following the online news lately? 

Then you probably read something about the recent announced
closure of the working group known as MARID focused on
developing an IETF sponsored open standard for sender

However, Microsoft continues to forge ahead with its plans.

What? And you thought Microsoft's Sender ID had been pushed
to the curb. Nope. 

Perhaps of even greater concern is that Microsoft has two
patent applications pending containing extremely broad
claims which arguably cover not only Sender ID, but also
Sender Policy Framework.

Not possible you say. Well, read own. And there continues
to be the issues surrounding the form of Microsoft's
proposed license which is not compatible with open source
software licensing standards. 

Why is this important? Because most of the software used by
mail servers is open source software.

Either way, should Microsoft persist and fully prevail,
well ... we all use email in our business. Everyone raise
their hands who wants one corporation controlling email.
... I thought so.

The details are a bit long to properly cover in a short

But, there are three things we can all learn from this saga
as business people, especially for those involved in joint
venture marketing. 

* The importance of having a consistent message. Here the
technical representatives said one thing and the press
spokesperson said another. When the two collided, kaboom! 

* Take fully into consideration the interests of others.
The problem posed by the draft patent license was known
upfront. Although Microsoft changed its position to a
degree, the underlying message, let the proposal die then
accommodate the concerns, came through loud and clear. In
the end, the proposal as originally put forward died. 

* When correcting an issue, the message must be crystal
clear. Here the release designed to clear the air is
ambiguous on one crucial point, a problem which could have
been easily avoided, leaving the present amended proposal
in doubt. 

To fully understand what is going on, why there is a
problem for the online business community and what you can
do about it, you will find the info at the bottom of this

Well, that's it for today. 

John Glube 
Toronto, Canada

For The Record, Will Microsoft Own Email?

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