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[epub] Taking subscriptions via email or web-form only?
I'm doing some research on ezine publishers and email marketers who formerly accepted subscriptions via email, but now because of spam and viruses, only accept subscriptions via a web interface.

Newbie publishers look at me funny and wonder which truck I fell off of when I ask them if they are still allowing new subscriptions to their email newsletter via email -- It appears many of the email list hosting service providers are discouraging email-based subscriptions in favor for web-based only. Therefore many newbies (initially to my surprise) didn't even know that you can subscribe to a newsletter via email with almost every list hosting software that exists.

Here at EmailUniverse, we still accept email-based subscriptions, but the decision is on the chop-block as to whether we will continue to allow this practice in a pro-active move to stay cleaner, integrity wise.

What are your thoughts?

Keep email-based subscription ability in addition to web-form subscription or drop email-based and go solo with web-form only?

:-) Christopher Knight Network

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