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[epub] RE: Taking subscriptions via email or web-form only?
Hey Chris,

As far as I know, unless you're using a double opt-in,
you're in violation of the spam laws.

EDITORS NOTE: Yeah, we've been double opt in since 2000 when it wasn't cool to be double opt-in, but I will need to re-read the CANSPAM laws on this issue.

Also, it seems like the better autoresponder companies
encourage this as well.

For example, if you want to import a list of subscribers
into your database, you MUST have them double-opt in.

Meaning, they must confirm their subscription by clicking on
a link.

I don't use e-mail subscriptions because I want people to
come to my home page and then decide for themselves.

If they can't be bothered filling in their name and e-mail
addy, they're really not a valid prospect/subscriber anyway.

Take care, Craig

Craig Garber
America's Top Direct-Response Copywriter
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