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[epub] RE: Taking subscriptions via email or web-form only?
I used to have email based subscription process.  However, my new system
only has web based and I like it fine ;).  It checks email addresses, just
to make sure that it looks like a real email address and that helps cut down
on problems.  I can also blacklist any domain I want, which I feel is a
helpful feature to have.

Having quite a few ezines, I have found this web process to be the best.  It
also make sure that I am somewhat getting qualified subscribers.  By that I
mean they came to the site; liked what they saw, then subscribed.  I can say
that I get fewer cancalations now.

Best of success and lots of joy,
Maria Marsala
Business Builder, former Wall Street Trader, and owner of Elevating Your

Helping introverts who own service businesses move from
overwhelming busy-ness to busine$$. If you are not producing
the results you desire, it's time to request a session with us.
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