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[epub] Re: AOL ends silent email absorption

Could someone explain what this means- AOL silent email absorption? I use an 
eNewsletter program that doesn't show stats on how many emails are opened, 
etc. But I know that I get complaints from friends/colleagues who say their email 
to my AOL address here bounces. (and yes, I have a different ISP for my 

Also, while I have your ear, any suggestions on a low cost eNewsletter 
program? I've been using which is very user friendly but the program's 
not very stable in terms of maintaining formatting. Constant Contact looks 
good, but I don't want to spend $50/month. I'm looking for something that doesn't 
require knowledge of html and has a wyswyg editor thingie.

Thanks for any input/advice.

Terry Matlen, ACSW Got ADD? Get Help!  Organizing tools, fidgets, books and more
'Simply everything you need for your ADD'

> AOL's silent absorption was created by a filter nicknamed "spamjam:"

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