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[epub] 70 Email Del1verability Tips
Hi Epub'ers,

You are the first group I wanted to share a new report I spent the last 10 days producing called the, "Top (70) One-Liners For Improving Your Email Deliverability."

I actually wrote 112 tips on improving email deliverability, and then cut it down to the best 70 tips I could recommend based on my experience in the email list management field over the past 9+ years and research on the latest strategies.

I plan to sell the report for $47 after November 16th, but you can get it for free as part of a promotion I'm doing to help bring registered attendees to INBOX EAST, The Email Event in Atlanta.

The insider report covers 5 areas of Email Deliverability:

1. Email List Member Acquisition - Best Practices
2. Email Delivery Quality & Tracking
3. Message Content & Composition
4. Spam Filter Analysis & Tracking
5. ISP Relations (In-House or 3rd Party ISP Representation)

[Sorry, this promotion is no longer available]

Christopher Knight

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