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[epub] Re: what's the policy?
<< I will remove list members who turn on vacation autoresponders, but won't
remove list members who deploy challenge/response mechanisms (annoying as
they are). >>

Wow, is that backwards. It is an absolute requirement for a professional to
turn on the "out of office" notification so that business associates know
that he or she won't be responding immediately and, in case it's urgent, who
else they can contact. If you enforce this policy, you're essentially saying
that you think everyone on the list should use a personal account.

[MODERATORS COMMENT: It's in poor email discussion etiquette to turn on an autoresponder. If a person knows they are going to turn on an autoresponder, they should either remove themselves from the email discussion lists they are on or they should set their subscription to NOMAIL (easier to just leave the discussion and come back when they are back online.]

On the other hand, users of challenge-response systems are simply shifting the burden of their spam from themselves to the rest of us.

***** [MODERATORS COMMENT: No argument from me on that point.] *****

<< I would remove [challenge/response  people] if it were easy, but I have a
hard time identifying challenge/response list members because I've already went through the
challenge/response process before most people get to this list because of
other newsletters that they are on also that I host. >>

The solution is to enroll yourself with a normal membership account (in
addition to your administrator account) and send a test message to the list
once in a while to identify who is using the c-r systems.

For your convenience, here are the challenge responses I got from the last
post I got. Please zap these turkeys!

noreply@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx  (Ash Davison)


***** [MODERATORS COMMENT: Thanks for sending that list. Unfortunately, none of those email addresses are members of EPUB. I'll see what I can do to remove them by identifying them before the @ symbol] *****

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