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[epub] Re: what's the policy?
Wow, is that backwards. It is an absolute requirement for a professional to
turn on the "out of office" notification so that business associates know
that he or she won't be responding immediately and, in case it's urgent, who
else they can contact. If you enforce this policy, you're essentially saying
that you think everyone on the list should use a personal account.

An "out of office" message that goes to a moderator or an email discussion list is generally going to turn into an unsubscribe request.

If that "out of office" email makes it to a discussion list you will look unprofessional to whoever receives it. It's a major pet peeve for people who manage and read discussion lists. Especially if they are open lists, as many technical lists are. Every time a message is posted, an "out of office" email is broadcast to everyone. So it is a must to either have a separate email for discussion lists or unsubscribe.


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