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[epub] Re: The Email to RSS Transition
At 03:01 PM 12/7/2004, Loren M. Baker wrote:
How many members have successfully trasitioned their email lists over to an RSS feed based list?
Do you see RSS as being more responsive?
During the transition, did you choose (or customize) an aggregator to suggest to your members?

I have 113 RSS feeds here:

and it's on my "TO DO" list to make a simple tutorial for newbie RSS people how to use them.

What's surprising is that even without giving an RSS tutorial, the RSS feeds URLs are in my top 10 page views for last month.

Top of the list is Health & Fitness on weight loss:
& building muscle:

Of interest to your topic, here are new articles as they are submitted on RSS topics:

What I love about RSS is how granular I can publish without one single finger of additional effort on my part. This gives my audience exactly what they want and it drives repeat visitors just like email newsletters.

Outside of my Article Marketing interests, the Ezine-Tips RSS feed is also in my top list of pages viewed per month:
(with a special thank you to Mark Fletcher of Bloglines for sending so much traffic my way)

DISTINCTION: RSS is not a replacement for email.

22 reasons why EMAIL is not dead:

Is RSS more responsive than Newsletters?

Yes, for early adopters....but it misses the mass market that is not interested in understanding RSS feeds yet.

To Your Email Newsletter Success! Christopher Knight, Publisher

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