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[epub] Re: what's the policy?
<snip> It is an absolute requirement for a professional to
turn on the "out of office" notification so that business associates know
that he or she won't be responding immediately and, in case it's urgent, who
else they can contact. If you enforce this policy, you're essentially saying
that you think everyone on the list should use a personal account.</snip>

I can see your point. However, with most hosting companies offering us mucho
email accounts, why not have different email accounts for:

discussion lists
newsletter lists
etc. etc.

Even if you have NO web site, you can purchase a domain name + 5 domain
email accounts from for less than $10 total!

Best of success and lots of joy,
Maria Marsala
Business Builder, Trainer, Author, and former Wall Street Trader

 Powering-UP service businesses and their owners since 1999!
Moving accidental business owners from overwhelming busy-ness
to busine$$. Not yet producing the result$ you desire? Visit now.

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