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[epub] Re: List Fatigue (EPUB Q? of the week)
So, the EPUB Question for the week is:

1) What do you do with list members that no longer open your HTML emails?

2) If someone does not open any of your emails for 2 years or more, should they be purged from your email newsletter list membership?

3) What do you do with your fatigued list members?

Chris, interesting questions.

I've developed an entire $197 course around the answers :)

In brief, I remove anyone on my list who remains 'unresponsive'
for 12 weeks from signing up.  I test response in different
ways, and if a subscriber doesn't take any of the 'offers', I
stop emailing them anything.

There are many 'tricks' and approaches I use to revive fatigued
members, one of the best which works very well esp. around
year-end is 'Gift Giving'.  I do this once every now and then,
and almost always have been rewarded by an enhanced
responsiveness in the weeks following it.

Hope this helps

Ezine ANTI Marketing

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