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[epub] RE: Whether it is every ok to add subs without permission
I didn't start doing this till recently, however, when someone purchases a
product from me,  becomes a client, I let them know that I have added them
to my monthly ezine list.  I provide them with a copy of the most recent
version, and LTK that they can unsubsribe by clicking on the link on the
bottom of the ezine.

Recently I've had an influx of folks who write me to ask for advice that
they don't want to pay for.  In addition to telling them to pay for that
advice, I suggest that they go to my web site to subscribe to my ezine.
About 1/2 of those "freebies" do subscribe.

Best of success and lots of joy,
Maria Marsala
Business Builder, Trainer, Author, and former Wall Street Trader

Powering-UP service businesses and their owners since 1999!
Moving accidental business owners from overwhelming busy-ness
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