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[epub] Re: [ezine] volume numbers
On Jan 18, 2005, at 11:29 AM, Dacia Bolton Bates wrote:
I have to start a new e-newsletter and revive and old paper newsletter
in my new marketing job.  My question is on volume numbers.  I know the
volume number refers to the year and issue number refers to how many in
that year.  There was one year when my company did not do a paper
newsletter.  My question is, what number do I use for the volume?  Do I
use the number of calendar years since first published (1999, volume 7)
of the number of years they published a newsletter (volume6)?
Thanks, Dacia Bates

I had a newsletter where I had missed a year and a half. I believe I was at volume 4, when I started it again I went with volume 5. I didn't want to count a year of publication that didn't exist. I felt it would be strange to look at the archive and see an entire volume skipped. It would seem incomplete. So I would pick up where you left off.


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