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[epub] RE: Newsletter service or install my own software?
If you're going the "own" software route...
(you have your own server might as well get some use out of it.)

You can use Dada Mail

Used on some of my clients and it's a good free program to run on linux.

For fee-based software...

I've been using Autoresponse PLUS (Just got sold. Site is down. Pending new owners.)
It's an autoresponder system with broadcast functions.

Around $200.

For more choices go to... and look at list management software both Perl and


Whatever you choose do pre-emptive work with your host. Tell them ahead of
time what's going on, 
how you get the names and potential volume.

Also have them add SPF records to that domain. And put that domain on an
isloated IP address.
If serious blacklisting occurs you can fold up your tent and move to a
different domain, IP, host, etc.

For deliverability consulting and getting off blacklists.

Hope this helps,

Dale Davis
"Pop-ups That Work!"

> I have my own web server (running Linux), so I can readily install a 
> program to send my newsletter directly from my server, if I choose to 
> go that route.

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