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[epub] Re: Newsletter service or install my own software?
They make Paypal look legitimate.

Their rates are high, and they're not so much an order processor as they are "huge affiliate program."

If a site has to stoop to that level to process credit card transactions, they're not someone I'd do business with.


At 08:41 AM 1/20/2005, you wrote:
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           1002 Pine Lake Drive  Pineville, LA 71360
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Christopher Knight wrote:
At 09:48 AM 1/20/2005, Wonder Wyant wrote:

You can take a demo tour here:
Any email list software that uses clickbank for their order processing has lost all credibility before I even began to read the site.


jl scott, ph.d., Director of iCop


I'm surprised you asked.

Is it not obvious what type of audience that CB attracts?

If ListMailPro were a real business (sorry if you don't like my
opinion), they would have a shopping cart and a credit card
processing merchant account of their own.

Anything less and they are not real in my eyes.

I'm sure CB is an ok model to use as a secondary channel or
revenue stream, but never as a primary.

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