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[epub] Re: Newsletter service or install my own software?
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  • Subject: [epub] Re: Newsletter service or install my own software?
  • From: "jl scott, ph.d." <jlscott@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2005 11:39:15 -0600
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Well, I can see by your email address WHY you would say that, but exactly what "level" are you talking about?

jl scott, ph.d., Director of iCop

         International Council of Online Professionals
        iCop:  The Seal of Integrity in Online Business
           1002 Pine Lake Drive  Pineville, LA 71360
            318-445-9931  ***

Jay Chandler wrote:
They make Paypal look legitimate.

Their rates are high, and they're not so much an order processor as they are "huge affiliate program."

If a site has to stoop to that level to process credit card transactions, they're not someone I'd do business with.


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