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[epub] Credibility and honesty
>Credibility depends primarily on your ethics and honesty, not

Well, technically speaking, Jay is correct inasmuch as, by definition,
credibility DOES depend on perceptions.

The problem is most people are intelligent and/or educated enough not to be
taken in for too long by optical illusions.

And if you should naively think:  "Hey, so what if  I invent a few fake
employees? It's not as if I'm cheating my customers - they're still getting
the same quality of products and service!",  people understand that the
you conduct yourself dishonestly over something that may not be material or
it's probably only a matter of time before you're dishonest over something
that IS

We email publishers may be an honest bunch, but there's a lesson here for us
as well.
My profession may be plumbing, not writing, but if I'm sloppy in writing and
presenting my newsletters,
it will be assumed my plumbing work is sloppy as well.

With regard to the debate on whether using certain services in the sales
process harms credibility,
how's this one for size... A couple of years ago, I came across a website
promoting the world's
best list hosting service, and inviting prospective customers to sign up for
its action-packed
newsletter. The icon right next to the sign-up form made it very obvious
that the newsletter
was hosted by none other than....yahoogroups!

Azriel Winnett - Your Communication Skills Portal

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