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[epub] Re: Newsletter service or install my own software?
I have been reading, not posting as I am fairly new to this world of epub
and e-commerce but I think its time I said something concerning the one man
business and the appearance of more substance to garner business...  the key
word in the beginning of this discussion is Credibility.  The term
credibility has many meanings:

        believability, chance, integrity, likelihood, plausibility,
possibility, probability, prospect, reliability, satisfactoriness, solidity,
solidness, soundness, tenability, trustworthiness, validity.

      But since internet marketing and commerce depends on your ability to
gain Trust, if you decieve in order to make yourself more Credible then
there is something amiss as I consider Credibility to be part of Integrity
and Truth.  If your reputation is based on an image that you are a credible
business owner and its based on smoke and mirrors put up to make a sale then
I would feel hoodwinked when the truth comes about.

      I'm learning alot as I read the posts on the list serve.


Provided your customers don't know the difference, it bolsters it.  Smoke
and mirrors--- it ends up giving you the APPEARANCE of being substantially
larger, and as I've said before, credibility is entirely in the eye of the
consumer.  Meet your obligations, don't disappoint the customer, and
they'll be ecstatic, and never the wiser.

***MODERATORS PREROGATIVE FUN COMMENT: This is not a "List Serve"... this is an "Email Discussion List." List Serve is a term that is too close to a brand name of LSOFT, and as a former competitor of LSOFT, I'd rather not see their brand enhanced through misunderstandings. ;-) Maybe I'm just jealous that Lsoft was one of the first ESP's out there and I hope some day I can create a brand that is so powerful that people confuse it just like they do with Lsoft's brand. 

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