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[epub] Re: Blogs?
Hi everyone,

I don't want to be the heretic-in-the-chapel here but I've got a few doubts
about the future of blogs. (Yeah I know... stone me now.) To my mind it
wasn't that long ago that banner advertising was going to be the saviour for
cash-starved web site owners. Then it was email newsletters to the rescue -
the "new" holy grail. Now that's all old-news and the next big thing is

Q: Will enough average net users really download reader software to access
info that already comes to them via email? (How many of them still have
trouble using email and other basic programs?)

Q: Will advertising in blogs destroy the street-cred that blogs now have?

Q: Are we getting too technical for our own good?

I agree that blogs offer great flexibility, and that it can short-circuit
spam and email deliverability problems. But success relies on uptake from
the masses. Are blogs really only for the tech-savvy?

I see plenty of online marketers promoting blogging
seminars/workshops/guides. Are they simply selling the picks and shovels of
this new gold rush? (Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying there is anything
unethical or otherwise wrong in offering seminars on timely topics such as

I'm open to be educated.

PS - Does anyone have stats or feedback about blog/RSS users outside the

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From: Jill E. Vaile [mailto:vailerosenberg@xxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Tuesday, 15 February 2005 3:21 AM
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Subject: [epub] Re: Blogs?

They are most certainly the future and the sleeper in terms of most  big
business. But blogs are only a moment away from serious advertising
revenues too.


      jill e. vaile

northern california's finest
freelance music photographer
NEWFAngled Designs?
18122 rose court
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Terry Matlen, ACSW wrote

>Is this the proper list to ask opinions on the use of blogs as a marketing

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