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[epub] Re: Blogs?
cash-starved web site owners. Then it was email newsletters to the rescue -
the "new" holy grail. Now that's all old-news and the next big thing is

I see plenty of online marketers promoting blogging
seminars/workshops/guides. Are they simply selling the picks and shovels of
this new gold rush?

Stuart, you may well be right, and blogs could be the fashion of the day. But it took a good 7 years for them to hit the mainstream, having been around since early 1997 - so it's a 'stayer'

There are several pluses of blogs as communication media, not least
of all the ease of publishing - doesn't really need a lot of technical
expertise in contrast to other epublishing methods.

PS - Does anyone have stats or feedback about blog/RSS users outside the

No stats, but blogs are HOT in India. Been featured in the lay press several times over the past few weeks. There are many serious bloggers who wield considerable influence right here in India.

My own blogs are targeted at a more global audience, but I can
attest to the power and reach of this exciting medium - they have
directly been responsible for a lot of revenue for my CHD Awareness
projects.  See my "remarkably purple spots..."

33 Blog Profit Ideas - Exposed!

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