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[epub] Re: Blogs?
First, I do agree with the use of RSS aggregates. They are huge and gaining momentum daily. However, I do not see blogs going down the drain. The use of blogs AND
RSS feeds is where this is all heading- a combo if you will. I am certainly NOT referring to the ppc ads, or so-called covert paid bloggers. Think back a (relatively) short time, to the days before web site ads were even used. They came into play and evolved to a less annoying format once the big players smelled m-o-n-e-y. Blogs are, if not quite yet, soon to be, a mirror of the trend of online commerce. Yes, they have been somewhat over-hyped. But the concept is far beyond the basic site- whose focus, essentially, is to sell something. Don't forget the power that blogging has displayed within it's small communities. Interest has been generated- by media, politicians, and slowly but surely, the general public. As long as the concept of bona fide info available prior to traditional outlets, or exclusive of them altogether, is attributed to blogs, they will continue their momementum. The addition of RSS feeds only enhances their offerings.


jill e. vaile

northern california's finest
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Hi Jill,

Where do you think the blog revenue explosion in terms of advertising revenue will come from?Are you referring to PPC ads, PayPerAction affiliate things, or covert endorsement marketing by paid talking blog heads? What do you think will be the ad revenue channel breakdown? Which blog ad revenue channels am I missing?
When do you think ads pushed via RSS feeds will take hold and be worthwhile for most publishers?

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