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[epub] Re: Blogs?
I applaud your timing and ingenuity, Dr. Mani!
Would it be unsuitable to ask you how your product sales are going?
No need to disclose revenues, and I am not asking that, per se. Just an indication that might provide an index of interest perhaps....?

Hi Jill

I've got so much going on it's hard to tell just which part of sales
come *directly* as a result of my blogs.  I've tied blogs in to
my marketing very intricately, so they act as

 * lead generators
 * content resources
 * search engine traffic magnets
 * direct selling tools
 * donation getters
 * list builders
 * affiliate promotion tools
 * ad revenue spinners

... even integral parts of some of my products!

All I can say is if you're not blogging, start doing it.  The goldrush
of search engine ranking is probably ending, but there's a lot more
in blogs to make them great business supporting struts.

And just yesterday I read the most amazing book on RSS feeds
and their use in publishing and marketing, by Rok Hrastik.  You
can see a review on my blog -

I don't care if you order it using my affiliate link - but please,
please do yourself a favor and buy the book.  It's just $47 and
has 354 pages - and is worth reading, re-reading and learning
from.  I spent a straight 3 hours+ yesterday on it, and will
be putting many ideas into effect soon.  There's a ton of value
in there for e-publishers and marketers.

Sorry if that's off-topic, but I'd have sent in a separate post
about it in any case :)

All success


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