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[epub] Re: Looking for ezine program for non-techies
In response to recommendations from this group, I switched to's Mail Responder Pro, which is now installed on my dedicated server. (The new program that combines and adds to the functionality of Mailman Pro and AutoResponder Pro.) What I like most about it:

1. Frank Bauer, the program's author, gives unbelievable service. He installs for a pittance ($29 - or free with the beta version of Mail Responder Pro), fixes problems, and is available to add custom features for a reasonable rate. As a result, this program does everything I need it to. And if I need a new feature, I know Frank will add it eventually for free or immediately for a fee.

2. There is a good, helpful forum at the website, where many questions are answered already. (This is even quicker than Frank's amazing service.)

3. The program makes sense to me. I tried Autoresponse Plus (, but found it unintuitive to use. Features were hidden in unlikely places. Mail Responder Pro's administration panel and setup feels much easier to navigate. The features are where I expect them to be.

4. Both Mailman Pro and Mail Responder Pro have a very robust "bounced messages" feature, that allows you complete control of bounce handling. It's based on a user-expandable list of bounce messages (e.g., "user unknown" or "over quota." It uses a point system - that you can customize - to decide how many bounces of which type result in removal from your list and when to reset the points. (In other words, you might set it up so that 3 "over quota" messages result in removal. But if you don't get any "over quota" messages from an address for a certain number of weeks or months, you can opt to have the software automatically reset the score to zero for that address.) This is the best bounce-handling I came across.

5. The program allows very flexible integration of newsletter sending with autoresponders. Adding a name to one list can automatically add it to or remove it from another list. The same message can be used in more than one list.

Thanks to all who wrote to advise me a couple months ago.

Good luck to you, Terry, in choosing.


Hi all,

I am desperate! I've had an ezine now for a number of years, first using a
free company, then moving on to I've had some problems with
their software (paid version) and feel it's time to move on to something
that is a bit more stable with more bells and whistles (like being able to

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