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[epub] Re: Who's Responsible for Deliverability?
> As publishers there is a degree of control in each of these:
> 1) selecting a stable and reliable ESP
> 2) compiling "clean" ezines
> 3) educating subscribers

Those are important, but there's a lot more to it.

Some ISPs, most notably AOL, will block emails based on the 
presence of banned URLs in the body. You should try to use 
redirects when pointing to domains other than your own where 

Publishers need to do a better job, as a group, of cleaning 
bounced email addresses from their lists. That is easily one 
of the biggest complaints of ISPs about email publishers.

There are technical issues that affect deliverability at some 
providers that most publishers never think about. Things like 
reverse DNS.

It's possible to get involved enough that you get close to 
100% deliverability (after full mailbox bounces), but you 
really have to be paying attention, or have a small list, to 
get that high.

> At some point, due to bulk mail insanity, subscribers need
> to play a role in receiving the ezines that they subscribe
> to.

Indeed. But that's a very different set of discussions. ;)


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