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[epub] Re: Ezine Testing: What if you don't like what you find?
At 08:45 AM 3/12/2005, Craig Garber wrote:
Funny you mention that Mani,
I split-tested "Craig Garber's Tip Of The Week" as a subject
line, versus " followed by the headline of
that weeks tip", and "Craig Garber's Tip Of The Week"
outpulled by 3%.

When I switched my FROM: field from:


to this:

"Christopher Knight's Ezine-Tips"

My OPEN RATE went up 12%.

I like it and my ad sales like it.

Looks like CTR went up as well but will take a few more issues to verify if the jump in CTR was due to this change or just the issue content.

To Your Email Newsletter Success, Christopher Knight, Publisher

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