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[epub] Branding the person v. the product
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  • Subject: [epub] Branding the person v. the product
  • From: Kivi Leroux Miller <kml@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 07 Apr 2005 12:41:34 -0500
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>>Christopher Knight wrote:

>>When I switched my FROM: field from: "Ezine-Tips" to this: "Christopher Knight's Ezine-Tips" My OPEN RATE went up 12%.

This brings up a question I have been struggling with: Whether to use my personal name to help brand a product. I've noticed that Chris and many of the people he promotes in Ezine-Tips use their own names in addition to a product name, which I assume builds some credibility for the person as an expert. But I am wondering about the affect (good or bad) on sales? If I'm not especially interested in promoting myself as an expert, but rather my website as the best source on a topic, does it matter if I use my name and face on stuff? Does anyone have any thoughts or quantitative experience with this?

I know in the freelance writing community, it seems like most people come up with a company name (for me, it's EcoScribe Communications) to help demonstrate professionalism (as opposed to "hobby" writers), and that has worked better for me and many others I know than leading with a personal name alone.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts,


Kivi Leroux Miller, President
EcoScribe Communications | |
tel: 336-249-0913 | fax: 336-249-0915

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