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[epub] RE: Hosting - what is good notice?
I am also a web host for many mailers. (In fact I am currently putting together another hosting company exclusively for epublishers, at Our policy regarding spam is to begin with a clear TOS that we go over with new or potential customers personally via email, then to work closely with them to help them avoid or quickly deal with complaints.

We work hard as web hosts to maintain good relations with the large ISPs and spam police so that they will send compliants to us rather than the datacenters, and believe our responses. When the inevitable eventual complaint comes in, if it is about an established customer whom we know to be TOS compliant we forward it and any other helpful information to the domain owner who then globally deletes the complaining address. If the complaint is concerning a new customer, we contact them personally and again go over the TOS and suggestions to help compliance, and then watch their future performance to see if they comply.

We do boot spammers immediately if they are proven to be such, but we don't consider complaints proof of spamming, as I have published myself for years and know the ropes. (For example, we recently had a customer (who normally has no spam problem) receive a sudden deluge of complaints about her double-optin list, and my investigation showed that they stemmed from a competitor of hers who had signed up several addresses to her lists apparently for just that purpose.)

There have been times when we were forced to suspend a site because the number of complaints was large and the customer was unresponsive, but in most cases the issue was cleared up and the site unsuspended within a day.

We do request proof of optin about complaints because that helps us in dealing with our datacenters. The buck stops at the datacenters, as they can and will cancel a server is they don't believe their own TOS regarding spam are being followed.

Diana Ward

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Subject: [epub] RE: Hosting - what is good notice?

What would be a good policy for a hosting company to have?

Depends on their history with abuse handling. As a general rule, what I like to see is:

1. They boot spammers.
2. They define spam as UBE.
3. They want proof before applying the boot.

Their policy is that they send you an email, give you 24
hours notice, and if you don't reply to the note, they
remove you.

Ummm... One *business day* makes sense. It's generally safe to assume you're not sending a lot of mail unattended while on acation. If you are, and have everything on follow-up autoresponders with confirmations required, the chance of problems is small.

Still, always back up everything before going on vacation. Too
many things happen when you're not looking.

What I'd like to know from that host is, what do they require
as proof that the complaint isn't valid? ie, That you're
really not spamming (assuming you're not).

BTW, that's the generic "you." I would be surprised if you
personally were spamming, Maria. ;)


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