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[epub] RE: Branding the person v. the product
Kivi, whilst I don't have any research to back this up, I'd suggest if
you're already well-known, or respected, within a community/industry, then
introducing your name could be expected to generate extra response. Because
people already trust you. And people usually respond better to a person than
to a company or product name (as long as they already know the person).

However, if you are not well known the element of trust probably wont be
there to increase response rates. (e.g. There's already plenty of junk email
with names in From and Subject.) But if you're starting from scratch you
have an opportunity to combine name and product, and build awareness and
"expert" status of both. These are just my thoughts. Maybe others have more
details to offer.


Specialising in marketing for service businesses.

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From: Kivi Leroux Miller [mailto:kml@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Friday, 8 April 2005 3:42 AM
To: Epub Discussion Group
Subject: [epub] Branding the person v. the product

 >>Christopher Knight wrote:

 >>When I switched my FROM: field from:  "Ezine-Tips"  to this:
"Christopher Knight's Ezine-Tips"  My OPEN RATE went up 12%.

This brings up a question I have been struggling with: Whether to use my
personal name to help brand a product. I've noticed that Chris and many
of the people he promotes in Ezine-Tips use their own names in addition
to a product name, which I assume builds some credibility for the person
as an expert. But I am wondering about the affect (good or bad) on
sales? If I'm not especially interested in promoting myself as an
expert, but rather my website as the best source on a topic, does it
matter if I use my name and face on stuff? Does anyone have any thoughts
or quantitative experience with this?

I know in the freelance writing community, it seems like most people
come up with a company name (for me, it's EcoScribe Communications) to
help demonstrate professionalism (as opposed to "hobby" writers), and
that has worked better for me and many others I know than leading with a
personal name alone.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts,


Kivi Leroux Miller, President
EcoScribe Communications | |
tel: 336-249-0913 | fax: 336-249-0915

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