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[epub] Re: Topica

I don't hear good things about Topica at all any more. Ralph Wilson is conducting a survey of delivery options and which services work best right now. He is making the results known free to those who participate. You might check to see if there is a link to the survey. If not, email me and I'll forward his latest ezine to you. He usually compiles useful information.

My strong preference is for Aweber because of their superior delivery.

Hope this helps.

Charlie Page

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Sent: Tuesday, June 07, 2005 10:11 AM
Subject: [epub] Topica

Has anyone heard anything about Topica's delivery problems to AOL addresses?
For about 30 days now, we haven't been able to send our AOL members our
ezines. They represent about 25% of our members. Topica had a notice on its
website that it was having difficulty delivering to AOL addresses, but now says
everything is working. But, it's not. I checked to see if they are blacklisted
by AOL, and _www.dnsstuff.com_ ( is saying not. We
keep emailing their support, but don't get back an answer to our qs. Anyone
heard anything or have a suggestion on how to reach Topica, like a phone number?


Amy J.  Bednarcik
Association Services of America,  Inc.
301-865-6030 (fax)
_www.americanboating.org_ (
_www.worldtravelers.org_ (
_www.iflyamerica.org_ (

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