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[epub] Re: Sub conversion as a percentage of traffic
Hey Guys and Gals,

Chris asked:

What should the percentage be of new subscribers as a percentage of my unique daily visitors or total page views?

Like everything else, it always depends on traffic source, visitor "type" and
how you ask...

When traffic comes from an article sending them thru a subscriber
trap for more info, we get about 75% to sign up (and 95% verify the

When traffic comes to a subscriber trap from a PPC source like
AdWords, we hit about 18% on average.

Overall traffic to a sales page with an image pop-up and an subscribe
incentive runs about 20%--and we don't track traffic source v.
subscribes on those pages, just raw traffic.  This also includes people
who sign up via a mid-page form.  If you separate the two, we get
2/3 from the pop-up and 1/3 from the in page form.

When we do a bulk email drop sending them to a subscribe trap,
we get about 40% sign up rate, though the CTR on those types of
campaigns are really low--we end up with about 300 new verified
opt-in per million emails sent.

We don't have a "form on every page" like some sites, since most
people get to our content via a subscriber trap.

Hope this helps,

Kevin Bidwell

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