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[epub] Re: New MI and UT email compliance laws, July 1st enacted
I have so many questions I think my brain might explode! However I will
start with just four:

First, I understand the law went into effect yesterday, but does that mean
from here on out we can be sued or do we have some time to sort out our

Is anyone else thinking about totally ceasing all email publications? I
haven't decided yet but it is certainly something I'm thinking about. I'm no
lawyer and am in information overload--but it looks like we could do
everything humanly possible and still be sued.

Is anyone currently or considering email sender accreditation? Is this
really any type of protection?

Finally, anyone have a good complaint letter template (my brain is buzzing
too fast now to settle to anything approaching literacy let alone fluency)
and suggestions for the top folks to direct it to. I'm not sure any one in
our state government would give a hoot. I'm sure they think it's a wonderful
idea and will get around to it as soon as they are done handling the posting
of the 10 commandments and school prayer issues (can't take the time to pass
a budget but they are on top of all those pressing human rights issues...).

My favorite item on the list:

Both Michigan's and Utah's laws prohibit an email marketer from sending
email to any email address or domain on the registry, even if the email is
otherwise solicited, if the email contains material or links to material
which is otherwise illegal to provide to minors.

This means even if we scrub our list and the person opts in after we scrub
then we're screwed, right?

I'd also like to know (although obviously no one can tell us now) just how
far the linking to material will go. I don't include any direct links in my
email to anything listed as prohibited (except sometimes contests which may
or may not be affected but that is a separate issue) BUT we know everything
on the internet is not far from anything else--especially if we or anyone we
link with has a search box on their site. Heck a broken or malformed link
caused by simple human error could put you in a bigtime jackpot.


Deanna Mascle

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