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[epub] RE: What is the best policy? What's your policy?
Many speakers come from an offline DR mindset. Which says, they bought
something, therefore that's consent for follow up solicitation. While they
get away with it offline the Net has a different dynamic and, now, stricter
laws. Always getting written (or IP address) consent to be added to a list
is best policy.

I know Agora Publishing (a DR mindset company) routinely adds me to any new
e-zine they publish just because I signed up for an e-zine 4 years ago.
Clear violation of my intent and patience. At some point in time they'll
feel the backlash and sales will suffer.

Dale Davis

"Triple Opt-in Response"

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Maria Marsala, The Resource Queen 
> [mailto:yahoo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
> Sent: Tuesday, September 13, 2005 8:47 AM
> To: Epub Discussion Group
> Subject: [epub] What is the best policy? What's your policy?
> I do quite a bit of speaking ; in person and teleclasses .  
> In person, I hand out an evaluation form that includes a 
> check box for someone to request my ezine.  No problem here, 
> I just save the forms. 
> However, I've been meeting speakers who have been adding 
> everyone who attends the event to their elist.  I"m wondering 
> if that crosses the line in permission based marketing or if 
> you do that, too. 
> When I've asked if they've mentioned they'd be adding folks, 
> some say yes, some say no.  
> =======
> The reason I ask, is that I've purchased products and end up 
> on mailing lists without being told.  The thinking is that 
> since I purchased something, that's the permission I need.  
> =======
> Curious in Poulsbo, WA ;) 
> Be the person who makes your heart smile! 
> Maria Marsala 

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