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[epub] RE: HTML ezine fixed width?
Hello All !
I realize that I got in here just a little late on this topic, but since  I'm 
behind on email, I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone.
html width: I go the width of my background and header together...  538px.
I guess I do that because I read a lot of mail in AOL.. (oooooh, c'mon now)  
and so do over 80% of my readership of around 4,000, and I simply HATE having 
to  'scroll over' simply to read. In fact, before html mail was prevalent I 
often  didn't read it at all, as it was too big a chore. Before the days of RSS 
feeds,  I had to scour hundreds of industry newsletters for sources and 
information....  it was a real pain. So when I made the leap to html email, I wanted 
it to be  easy for my readers. 
I don't really know how many print the newsletter... hate to sound so  
stupid, but frankly, till I read these posts, I never thought about it. I rarely  do 
it... there I go again, thinking everyone thinks like me.... errrrrr. BAD  
habit. Maybe I should rethink the colored background?
And about CSS vs html font tags, I use inline style and some in the head  
section of the html on the page. Seems to be the absolute easiest way to 'keep  
it all together. I do agree that CSS  is no 'codier' (yes, I know that's  not a 
word... but I live with a bunch of teenagers) than html font tags and it  
enables much more freedom in design. I'm doing as much page design as time  
allows in CSS... steering away from html tables and the like. 
Soooo, there's my two cents, and I won't get booted because I didn't  post! 
Best Regards,
Jodi Reichenberger 

_http://gardensimply.com_ ( 
_http://articlegarden.com_ ( 

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