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Janet Roberts

5 Strategies for Contest Success
By Janet Roberts

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In the previous Ezine-Tip, publisher Nancy Kamp talked about how she uses contests to build newsletter subscribership.

In this tip, she lists five strategies she follows to maximize her contest results:

"I don't have the time or resources to be scientific about our results, but this is what I think:

  • If you can't afford to give away cash, tie the prize to something you know your audience would very much like to own. My cost on a necklace is much less than the cost of the prize from our previous contest, which offered the winner's choice from our Café Press stores and generated fewer newsletter subscribers.

  • Open your contest to residents of Canada. We're only asking for email addresses, whether or not a person chooses to subscribe to our newsletter, but I can tell that about 20 percent of our entries are coming from Canada. That's a huge jewelry-wearing, novel-buying market. (We have several books in the works.)

  • List your contest with all the contest sites you can find. Links to the ones I've found that require reciprocal links.

  • Make sure the rules of your contest are simple, clear and legal.

  • Use an enter-contest gateway page that explains your newsletter. Include links to your archive and your general privacy/legal pages. Then give people the option to simply enter the contest or to subscribe (after having seen what you offer) and enter."

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Ezine-Tips for April 09, 2003

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