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Janet Roberts

5 Ways Your Site Can Boost Your Ezine
By Janet Roberts

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We all know the conventional wisdom that email newsletters help build traffic to your Web site.

But, look at the other side of the coin: Does your Web site help out your newsletter? Or, does it treat your newsletter as if it were an afterthought?

If you want to build your newsletter numbers, your Web site should promote it aggressively.

When I say "aggressively," I'm not talking pop-up-box madness. Instead, realigning some of your page elements could give your newsletter more prominence and make visitors more likely to see it and sign up for it.

Look at your Web site right now. Would new visitors spot your newsletter, or a promo for it, right away? Or, are they more likely to stumble across it as they travel through your site?

Here are five strategies to make your newsletter stand out on your Web site:

  • Promote it in the top third of your Web site, preferable in a key eye-catching spot. Don't just stash it in your site index or links to site services such as your "about us" or "contact" pages, and don't stick it at the bottom under a long sales pitch.

  • Fill-in-the-blank catches the eye. Have your visitors fill in their names in a strategically placed blank and click the "submit" button, which takes them to your actual sign-up form.

  • Put your newsletter's main story on the homepage and link to the full version inside the site. Box it, or otherwise set it off from the rest of your page contents with a header such as "In this week's (newsletter name) .... " or words to that effect. Keep it in the same position all the time.

  • Name the name. If your newsletter has a name -- and if not, why not? -- use it in every promotion. Don't say just "Sign up here for our newsletter." Brand early and often: "Subscribe to Ezine-Tips" or "Sign up here for weekly delivery of (name)."

  • Put your newsletter subscription link on every page of your site. Let visitors know at every turn that they can sign up for your newsletter. Do you have online contact or order forms? On each one, include a brief newsletter description and a box to check in order to sign up. (But don't pre-check it.)

Did you make any small changes at your Web site that boosted your newsletter numbers or visibility? Let me know about it.

Ezine-Tips for March 24, 2003

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