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Christopher Knight

98-2 Affiliate JV Partner Principle and How You Can Use Email For Both Segments
By Christopher Knight

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In many affiliate programs, you will often see 98% of the performance coming from 2% of your affiliates. Today I'm going to recommend that you segment your affiliate partners (those who sell for you online on a commission basis) by either being in your top 2% or your bottom 98% so that you can email each segment a different series of emails to drive sales. Don't get too hung up as to whether you have 96% / 4% or even 90% / 10%; what's important for you to do is to segment your TOP affiliates from the bulk majority of your non-performing affiliates.

For Your Top 2% Affiliates:

They make up the majority of your affiliate revenues. You may know them on a first name basis and perhaps you even talk with them monthly on the phone. You may even call them your "Super Affiliates" or "Power Affiliates" or "New Generation Affiliates" as they are active, engaged and bring in more sales than the rest of your affiliates. I recommend your segmented emails to your top 2% go in product launch cycles where you have extremely high-frequencies of emails to your top 2% of affiliates (meaning as much as 2 per day) to help them maximize the benefit of your product launch. Outside of a product launch cycle, you should always be hitting this group bi-weekly or weekly with alerts of new case studies, new conversion analysis, new tools you provided for them or anything that will help them sell your product better.

For Your Bottom 98% of Affiliates:

You might as well call them "INACTIVE YET", meaning, they are signed up as one of your affiliates, but they have not taken any action or if they took action, they have not produced any results yet. Sequenced autoresponder mailings to this group to help them with the very basics of how to promote your products or services may help this group get into action. The blunt reality is that a high percentage of these affiliates should be fired. My recommendation is to use email to do everything you can to help them get into action and bring it to the point where you ask them to show you what they have done to date to promote your program (helping them to resign if they really have no intention of being on your JV team). Recommended email frequency to this group of your dead or inactive yet affiliates should be weekly to bi-weekly. You have a transactional relationship with these affiliates as they applied to be your JV partner and you have a right to mail to them and a responsibility to train them. You may even want to do an "email take-a-way close" with them…where you give them a window of time (5-20 days) to take action to promote your product or service and if they don't produce impressions of traffic or sales; you suspend or fire them.

For Both The Top 2% and Bottom 98% of Your Affiliates:

Yes, you must publish an Affiliate JV Partner Ezine! :-) You knew I was going to recommend that, right? This is for the ‘up and beyond' the transactional training emails you are sending your affiliates throughout the year. Things to include in your affiliate JV partner ezine:
  • Up and coming new product launches
  • Competition updates on contests you are running with your JV partners
  • Case studies of successful creative conversion strategies
  • Requests for their testimonials (written, audio and video)
  • New affiliate training articles
  • New techniques to test when marketing your product or services


In the end, you are doing all of the transactional and ezine deliveries with one primary goal in mind: Get your affiliates to email their audience on your behalf so they have a shot at making sales for you and commissions for themselves!

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Ezine-Tips for June 28, 2006

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