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Christopher Knight

A Secret To Finding Paying Sponsors 201
By Christopher Knight

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For today's tip, lets say you want to find some paying sponsors for your list, but you don't know where to begin?

One of the laws of the email list universe, is that those who believe in email list advertising are 100% more likely to buy email list advertising than someone who has not advertised via email before.

Start by joining all of your competitor or lists that are similiar to yours. Make special notes as to who is advertising on their lists. Drop a note to the advertiser who just sponsored your competitor or similiar list, and invite them to try your list in a special pilot program designed to help them increase their exposure, or whatever benefit they were advertising for.

This is SO much easier than spending countless hours educating a new advertiser who has never used email list advertising to promote their business. Good Luck! Give it a try today.

To Your Lists Success!
-Sparky :-)

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Ezine-Tips for June 19, 1998

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