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Janet Roberts

AOL 9.0 On Its Way
By Janet Roberts

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Just as we were getting used to the changes wrought in the much-ballyhooed AOL Version 8.0, today comes word that Version 9.0 is just over the horizon.

So far, it doesn't look as if 9.0 will bring as many changes affecting email publishers as 8.0 did. CNET said today the new version would have "new spam-fighting tools" but didn't specify what they were.

The new version is in beta testing now, with the launch to come sometime this summer.

In the meantime, if you're still having problems getting your newsletters to your AOL subscribers, you should check out the online guides at AOL's Postmaster and Webmaster Web sites. They won't guarantee delivery, but they could help you clear up some nagging problems.

Here are some direct links that address common problems:

  • Technical Standards for Email Delivery
    Explains the reasons why AOL won't allow your message into its system. Examples: you have a numeric URL instead of a verbal one, or your AOL mailing list has more than a 10- percent failure rate.

  • Mailer-Daemon Errors
    Explains what the mailer-daemon failure message means.

  • AOL and HTML Email
    Breaks down email versions according to whether they can read plain, rich or HTML email. Also lists header requirements and which HTML objects or tags will or won't work.

  • Similar information is here.

  • AOL Whitelisting Information
    You can request whitelisting, or prior approval, if you think you can pass AOL's email tests. This site lists the requirements and how to call AOL's Postmaster group to set up a review.

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