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Christopher Knight

AOL Email Accreditation Watch: 15 Major ESPs Sign With Goodmail
By Christopher Knight

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AOL quietly launched their Goodmail CertifiedEmail service this past week. WHAT? Yes folks, their plans are moving forward:

The 15 ESP's (Email Service Providers) that signed up for Goodmails' email accreditation service includes (in alphabetical order):

Acxiom Digital
Epsilon Interactive
Harte-Hank's Postfuture
Premier Global Services
Zustek -Source Hmm, looks like the above 15 ESPs are endorsing the AOL/Goodmail pacts. Interesting... Is your ESP on the list? My ESP is not on the list (wait, I'm my own ESP)...ok, so I don't count...but my point is this: I'm not losing sleep over it. I also found it interesting that the major ESPs signed up with Goodmail with very little fanfare or press releases... Did they join in mild protest? We may never know. AOL still has power, but read this story about where a million of their subscribers have defected in the past quarter according to one source.

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Ezine-Tips for May 11, 2006

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