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Brian Grulke

Ad Swap Reminders
By Brian Grulke

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Ad swaps are an easy and highly-effective tool to build your list membership. They promote goodwill among your fellow publishers as well as bring appreciable traffic to your site or list.

That said, how can ad swaps go wrong?

Below are a few of the details that get overlooked during a typical ad swap. While they may seem minor, these simple steps can make your ad swap a success. Whether you're an expert or you're just getting started in ad swapping, take the time to consider integrating some or all of the following into your system.

  1. Be clear on placement. Are you trading a bottom ad for a bottom ad, or a mid-list ad for a bottom ad? What day will the swap run? Make sure this information is clear (and confirmed) before the actual swap. This will avoid confusion in the end when you're settling accounts.

  2. Send - and expect - confirmation copies of the ezines your ad appeared in. This way, you have proof the ad ran in its original form and it wasn't changed or truncated in any way. This way you are also able to check for the correct placement of your ad.

  3. Make your ad specifications clear and easy to follow. Ask for clarification on any ad specs that you're unclear about. Here's a rule of thumb - don't swap an ad that you would never run in your own list.

  4. Don't make a swapper conform to your schedule. Make response a priority. Wouldn't you appreciate a publisher who got back to you with a response on the same day you sent an email to him/her?

  5. Get organized and track your swaps. This way you have records to refer back to should a publisher need information after the fact. In addition, you can see possible causes for subscription spikes in your own list. In case you are looking for some kind of ad swap management tool.

Ad swaps take time to organize. Once you have a system established, the process will be nearly seamless. Take your commitment to the other publisher seriously and provide whatever information he/she needs for his/her records. In the end, you'll both be glad you did.

Submitted by Brian Grulke, Former Associate Editor of List-Universe

Ezine-Tips for August 17, 2000

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