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Christopher Knight

Adding Advetorials To Your Email Newsletter For Increased Profit
By Christopher Knight

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First, a definition: An advetorial is an ad that is more of an editorial than just a short 3-7 line ad. Many times it is 12-30 lines of text that tells a story about the advertiser and the benefits they can deliver.

These have been around in the publishing field for quite some time, but they are finally becoming more popular in the email and web world.

If I had to rank the effectiveness of different email and web media in their ability to be effective, I'd have to rank them in this order:

  • Endorsements by the list or website owner

  • Advetorials

  • Opt-In list rentals

  • Email newsletter ads

  • Email discussion list ads

  • web banners

My point, short of getting an endorsement by the list or website owner, advetorials is one of the highest return forms of advertising in e-mail newsletters or webzines, and it can and should be one of the most expensive types. It would not be unheard of to get $100 CPM or greater for advetorial sales.

Most times, the managing editor of the list or website works with the advertiser to professionally write the piece for maximum effectiveness. The managing editor knows the audience better than anyone else, and can use that experience and knowledge to help get across the message that the advertiser is trying to accomplish.

One of the main reasons I believe that advetorials are effective, is because they are not a hard sell, but rather a story or a case study about how you could benefit from XYZ's products or services.

Now, a word on ethics: Paid editorials have a bad reputation in the publishing field, in that no one wants to read an article that is really biased toward one companies products vs. unbiased professional journalism. In order to pull off your advetorial, make sure you blatantly say somewhere at the top, bottom or both sides of the ad, that it is an advertisement.

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Ezine-Tips for July 08, 1999

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