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Christopher Knight

Adding The Emotional Connection In Your Ezine Content
By Christopher Knight

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Question: What do rock stars and ezine publishers have in common? Answer: We both have the ability to impact tens and hundreds of thousands of people with our messages. If that is true, why are some publishers dead broke when compared to rock stars that reach the same quantity of people with their message?

Making the Connection:
A fundamental key component to every ezine is the emotional connection with its members. Rock stars know that if there is no emotional connection that binds them to their audience and their audience to them -- that their career will be short lived. Most marketers are concerned with making the emotional connection with their sales copy but the same principles apply when connecting with your email newsletter membership.

So how do we make this emotional connection?
Don’t just give facts: Tell a story. Look at the runaway success of Mark Victor Hansen’s “Chicken Soup For The Soul” series. His formula and that of all of his co-authors for the series is to tell positive and inspirational stories that people can relate to. As you can guess – they made a huge emotional connection with the millions that have bought their books.

If the same strategy works to help sell books or for improving sales/marketing copy, then you can be assured that the strategy will help you increase your emotional connection with your ezine members.

The metrics of tracking your level of emotional connection with your audience can be easily seen by increases in your email list membership and increases in your product sales.

Your Emotional Connection Goals:
Polarize people with your ezine content…cause them to take selfless actions to promote or talk about your ezine and products. Tell a story. Inspire them to feel good about themselves when they think about or read your content.

Even if your newsletter copy contains left-brain content (such as Ezine-Tips), there are always ways to add an emotional connection with your audience. If you won’t do it in the body of your ezine, then at least write a personal letter at the top of your email newsletter so that they can connect with you personally – if not your message. :-)

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Ezine-Tips for August 18, 2004

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