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Brian Alt

Advertising Discussion Lists
By Brian Alt

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Friday's Ezine-Tip examined the use of email discussion lists to get the word out about your email publication. If you missed that tip, it is available here.

Additionally, there are a number of email discussion lists that are excellent resources for the ezine publisher who sells advertising in his or her publication. They include:

  • I-Advertising - A moderated email forum on all aspects of Internet advertising, I-Advertising is available in both post-by-post and daily digest formats.


  • Online Ads - The Online Advertising Discussion List focuses on professional discussion of online advertising strategies, results, studies, tools, and media coverage. The list also provides editorial coverage of conferences of interest to people in the industry, and is available in digest and non-digest formats.

  • I-Sales - This is one of the most active business-related discussion lists on the Internet. Although advertising is not the sole topic of this list, it is discussed quite frequently along with related topics. I Sales is moderated by John Audette and is published in daily digest format.

  • ClickZ Forum - The ClickZ Forum discussion list serves thousands of Internet marketers as a medium to share their experiences and perspectives. A digest version is delivered five days a week.

  • List-Advertising - List-Advertising is a semi active discussion list digest devoted specifically to the discussion of email advertising.

Ezine-Tips for January 08, 2001

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