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Christopher Knight

All-In-One Ezine Publishing System by Patsi Krakoff Reviewed
By Christopher Knight

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Patsi Krakoff, Psy. D. and Denise Wakeman run something called the "Blog Squad" and they also have recently released an All-In-One Ezine Publishing training system for $197 USD (at the time of this review). Is it worth it? I got my hands on it and have read it cover-to-cover to share my thoughts on it. The core idea behind their training package is to help you increase the results that your ezine(s) can produce for your business.

First, I want to share with you their "10 Deadly Newsletter Sins":

Are you guilty of any of these?
  1. You spend hours surfing the 'Net, researching for an article, getting 'screen sucked' without any apparent value

  2. You format it yourself using your email in Outlook

  3. You try to send it out yourself from your email program

  4. You get business cards of people you meet at events and add them to your subscriber list

  5. You manually add and delete email addresses from your list that you keep in Outlook

  6. You manually send people a welcome message, thanking them for signing up for your ezine

  7. You miss your monthly or weekly ezine deadline and send it out 'whenever you can'

  8. You only send it out whenever you have a new product or service to announce

  9. Your ezine content consists of sales copy, with a clear call to action: buy your product

  10. Your ezine is purely information-based, with interesting articles, but with no reference to your products or services, and no call to action
I know I've fallen in every email newsletter production trap there is over the past decade... heck, I invented traps sometimes by accident on my own path of discovering what works in ezine land. As you may have guessed, their training system ( is designed to help you solve the 10 deadly ezine publishing sins, but even if you don't invest in their training system now - you can still find value in reviewing their list of things not to do above. What you get for your $197 USD Investment:
  • 126 page PDF on "Secrets to Successful Ezines"

  • 81 page PDF on "25 Proven Ways to Grow Your Ezine List, Keep Your Subscribers and Build Your Business", plus audio MP3 from the live Q&A Session, Transcript from live TeleSeminar, Transcript from live TeleSeminar Q&A Session, TeleSeminar Notes, 31 Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers) about Building Your List, Insider Secrets about List Building from 22 Internet Marketing Experts, and List Building Resources and Links

  • Audio, Video and PDF transcripts for "How to Broadcast Your Ezine and Mini-Course Using the Best Marketing System on the Planet"
Patsi gets an "A" for over-delivering on this product and her writing style is very easy to digest, read and get into action very quickly. I also like how "NEW" the information is as many of the current best selling ezine training systems on the market were written a few years or more ago. I had to dig hard to find something bad or negative to say about the package to be balanced... so I don't agree with Patsi on using any shopping cart system to manage an email list, even though to be fair, she only presents it as one option among many to help you make an informed choice. My ongoing beef with shopping cart system service providers is that they are incompetent at delivering confidence in the email delivery process flow, quality control and reporting features that are very basic for most ESP's (Email Service Providers). This training package is aimed at Coaches, Consultants, Speakers, and Authors, but I firmly believe that Enterprise-Level Marketing Professionals can also greatly benefit from the collective insights found in this package. Yes, my review is biased because I've partnered with Denise and Patsi on a few projects together; but feel very confident you won't be disappointed when you give their ezine publishing system a try.

Resource: Go here to acquire your copy: [Click Here]

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